Your natural choice for sustainable paper

A timeless, truly renewable material, paper has an assured place in our history – and in our future.

Paper from Stora Enso is recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. In fact, 90 percent of our paper brands hold ecolabel certification recognizing their reduced environmental impact over the product life cycle.

We also use traceability systems verified by third parties, so we know where our wood and pulp come from. As a company, we are one of the biggest users of recovered paper in Europe. By buying sustainable paper from Stora Enso, you are making an environmentally responsible choice.

We cover all your paper needs

As Europe’s second largest paper manufacturer, we are sure you can find just the right paper for your print or publishing needs. We offer a huge range of sustainable paper products in different grades and basis weights and with the right mix of tactile and visual qualities that are fit for purpose.

Our offering includes papers made from recycled paper as well as responsibly sourced fresh fibre. We produce newsprint, book paper, supercalendered magazine paper, coated paper and office paper. Across the world, sustainable paper from Stora Enso can be found almost anywhere you find paper products of high quality at competitive prices.

Biogas - transforming residue water into fossil free fuel

Learn more about Biogas - a biofuel produced naturally from the decomposition of organic matter in our Multicopy paper production processes.