Market pulp

Huge range of market pulp grades from certified renewable sources

Explore one of the world’s widest selections of market pulp. Our pulp is used to make a range of products people rely on every day – and to help the health of our planet in innovative ways. Whether you are looking for high performance, sustainability or cost efficiency, we can provide the grades you need to reach your goals.

Responsibility lies at the heart of what we do – from certified sourcing, production and delivery to eco-labelled final products. It all starts in the forest, with natural and renewable fibres that we use to produce pulp of a highly stable quality. Our pulp can help you manufacture environmentally sound products.

You’ll find this renewable, biodegradable material in everything from absorbent tissue products, paper and packaging to more surprising places like textiles, pharmaceuticals, food and industrial applications.

Fluff pulp for hygiene and personal care:

  • Feminine care, baby care and adult incontinence products
  • Table-top products
  • Airlaid non-wovens
  • Cosmetic pads, nursing pads, medical uses
  • Food and other uses


Kraft pulp for paper, board and tissue:

  • Facial tissues, paper towels, toilet paper 
  • Printing and writing paper
  • Packaging paper, cardboard
  • Labels, release liners, wallpaper
  • Specialty products like coffee filter paper


Dissolving pulp for textiles, apparel and other products:

  • Clothing, fabrics, yarns
  • Non-wovens for hygiene products
  • Fibrous sausage casings
  • Cellophane, sponges and other products

Stora Enso market pulp:

Renewable wood-fibers biodegrade faster than plastic materials, meaning less waste for the environment if they end up in landfills or the ocean.